Energy Business Connect

The SCAACC promotes diversity and mentorship through our dynamic EBC Program. Our initiatives include seeking African American small-business to participate in our projects, with mentorship and training opportunities as well as regular networking events.

We will host a quarterly Small and Minority Business Outreach Luncheon and invite small and minority-owned business leaders to share ideas with our leadership team. We partner with Community, Business, and Professional Organizations. By connecting our community’s businesses, we all benefit from expanded access to a diverse array of resources and skills, we would love for more African American Businesses to take part in our energy sector.

Outreach, collaboration, and diversification of business are at the heart of our sustained growth model, and we’re committed to continually promoting the involvement of small and minority-owned businesses in the Energy Business Connect Movement. Our kick-off date is 7/24/2018 in partnership with the American Petroleum Institute.